About us

MONEX T.G. represents a network of currency exchange outlets in Latvia which is operatig since 1996. Under our logo we bring together four financial services companies.

Save your money and time with MONEX T.G.
  • best exchange rates;
  • discounts for large transactions;
  • professional and swift service;
  • highest confidentiality and safety standarts.


valūtas maiņa valūtas maiņa valūtas maiņa


SIA "AHOI", LV40003815908.
SIA "TILDA", LV40003355677.

+371 29 108 255 (Dealer)
Mob.: +371 22 079 142 (Dealer)
Mob.: +371 29 450 229 (Administration)
E-pasts: info@monextg.lv

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